Animal Paintings

I’ve been painting pets and animals for friends and family. I’m happy to take commissions.



On this page I am adding Abstract and Stylised paintings using themes such as reflections in water and the human form with various lighting effects. More will be added as time goes on as new ideas, themes and approaches come to mind.



My links with the Caribbean islands of Carriacou and Grenada go back to 1967-68 when I served as a volunteer teacher with VSO in Bishop’s College, Carriacou. I still have many friends on the island and keep in touch thru’ my other website which contains photos and posts from that period. Whenever I go back I take photos and sketches to convert into paintings on my return.

Carriacou Culture

Carriacou is a small island in the Southern Grenadines lying north-east of Grenada. Carriacouans have rich traditions and culture passed down from African and European ancestors. Big Drum Nation is a celebration of dance originating from tribal peoples such as Temnes and Cromanti from West Africa. The ‘Quadrille Dance’ originates from France. In this gallery I will be showing paintings of these, and other, cultural events which take place during the year around the island.

Mermaid of Carriacou

The paintings in this gallery have been made over a number of years following the course of the sloop ‘Mermaid of Carriacou’ and her captain of over 35 years, John Smith.

Jurassic Coast

The coast of Devon and Dorset between Exmouth and Studland is a World Heritage Site which exposes 200 million years of geological history along a coastline of immense beauty. Being lucky enough to live in the middle I get to photograph and paint scenes along the coast at all seasons and in all moods. I paint primarily with acrylics on card, canvas weave and canvas in an attempt to capture the photogenic landscapes and seascapes.


A new project has been to paint those storm scenes we so often see around the Cobb. Finding ways to show the structure of the Cobb wall and the explosion of water has been an interesting challenge. In addition I’ve been making attempts to capture the features of the shoreline around Lyme and other coastal areas in different moods.


Scattered throughout the galleries are paintings of different people I have known; mainly friends and family. Paintings in this gallery consists of people of special affection. One is my mother, aged 91 years, a few months before she sadly passed away. Others are of my good friends from Carriacou. Another depicts a portrait of Geoff and Grace just before they moved from Lyme Regis to Ireland. Sadly, Geoff has since died and I like to think of this painting as a tribute to his gentle soul.

Solway Firth

I grew up on the Solway coast. The sunsets from Silloth compare favourably with the finest in the world. The light across the Solway can be truly amazing. The upper reaches of the estuary contain areas of untouched natural beauty. Long sandy beaches, miles of sand dunes and marshy habitats abound. I love photographing and painting scenes from this coast. The possibilities are endless and, as yet, I feel I have just scraped the surface.

North Pakistan

I count myself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit and travel in Northern Pakistan. The landscapes are stunning and the cities and towns buzz with a remarkable vibrance. I particularly loved the journey by jeep down the Indus Valley from Khapalu to Rawalpindi. The first canvas to be completed shows a field worker carrying sheaves of wheat on his back. This was in the Shigar valley near Skardu. Painting scenes from the trip is an ongoing project.

Woodland Scenes

I’ve drawn together a few of my paintings which depict woodland scenes.

Apples in Decay

This drama took place in the garden outside our lounge window. The images are brutal. They remind us Nature can be brutal.