Return to Lyme

Fishing Boat returning to Lyme Regis Harbour
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Painting Gallery

Bill works mainly with acrylic paints. His paintings are on canvas, canvas weave or card specially treated to take acrylic paints. He has developed a distinctive style to capture the atmosphere and character of the scene he is painting. Themes of his paintings include Caribbean Culture, Seascapes, Landscapes and Portraits.

Photography Gallery

Photographs are shot either individually or bracketed and blended to create high dynamic range images (HDR). This technique expands both the tonal range and creative possibilities. Bill uses Photoshop CS6 to process and edit the photos to create the most effective interpretation of the image.

Memories of Linton Rigg

From a chance meeting a few years ago, Art Ross was handed the memoirs of J.Linton Rigg. These he has painstakingly collated and put together in a book titled ‘Sixty Years of Sport. Sailing From the Age of Gatsby to the Grenadine Islands’.